Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Culture shock, shocks of culture

After less than a week back in America, there is still the pang of missing Bombay, but little culture shock. It feels strangely nice to be here, to have an immigration official say "welcome back" in a nasal Midwest accent, to not struggle to enunciate every word into the phone when I order a pizza. (Though I loved attempting Hinglish when I was in Mumbai.)

Vagabondish talks about culture shock here. And Author Amanda Kendle makes an interesting point, which is that the worst part of culture shock is when you come home and get stuck. In Europe, in India, you can travel around the country on cheap flights or cheap buses for almost nothing. Scrap some money together somehow and just go. In LaGrange, IL, I'm dying to go to Santa Clara for the weekend: $410. Or New York: $300. Might as well walk.

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