Friday, January 14, 2011

D.C. wins popularity contest

United Van Lines, the United States' largest moving and relocation company, has ranked Washington D.C. as the most popular place to move in 2010, NBC reported today.

The District has been bestowed the dubious title of “highest inbound” city, with 64.3 percent of people moving in rather than out.

So, to what can we owe these laurels?

Could it be the torpid millennial youths flocking to a city where they can expect a good deal of their work week canceled whenever there's a flurry of snow? Or to the rise of Capital Bikeshare, which calls to mind an insouciant city like Amsterdam, free of political discussions and full of other highs?

It's got to be more obvious that that. The influx of people to our city must have been in tandem with the arrival of Mayor Vincent Gray. And let's not forget that well-known art form that came with him: hand dancing.

Well, Mr. Gray, UVL says don't break out the champagne yet. Because it's the third consecutive year the District has won the popularity contest, and everyone knows you were more concerned with your fence in the first two years UVL dished out this prize.

Here's the real question: Why doesn't UVL talk about the people who've moved out of our city? Really, less than 33 percent have fled the snowmageddons? Less than 33 percent left with Tai Shan the panda? Doubtful.

Let's face it, in anticipation of the coming pay freeze, we have no idea how many federal workers exited the District using just two guys and a truck. I know I would.

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